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 Char-Broil Smokers and Supplies
Welcome to our Char-Broil website where you will find smokers and smoking supplies of all prices and designs to meet your special meat cooking needs.


Whether the wood is cherry, mesquite, hickory or pecan, or you're using a personal recipe for special taste, these meat smokers offer you the flavor and means to do it the way the professional slow cookers do with smoke.


Having the right grill and smoker in the price range you're comfortable with gives you the peace of mind necessary to enjoy the time you spend smoking foods. Char Broil pays attention to the little things that make barbecuing and slow, smoke cooking truly great.

Types of smokers:

Vertical, water smokers.
Horizontal, dry, offset smokers.

A vertical barbecue smoker has a fire in a tray or well at the bottom of the smoker. To keep the meat moist, a shallow tray with water in it is placed between the fire and the meats hang above it. The vertical water smoker is a simple smoker to use and very economical. One of its disadvantages is that the meats are more difficult to tend to, such as rotating them and applying rubs or sauces.

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Char-Broil Smokers

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