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How To Char Broil Smoked Meat Well: Tips On The 3 Keys: Time, Smoke and Heat .

It's understandable that when you start a new project, such as smoking meats, you want to know how to do it right, how to do it well so that it turns out successful and delicious.

 made the investment of time and money to get the right meat smoking equipment and now we want to know how to use it. Some of the questions we have in mind are technical: "How hot should the smoker be?" "What kind of wood should I use to slow cook which meats?" "Do some meats smoke better than others?" And the always overriding question, "What about the rubs?"

This last question departs from the technical and enters the area of the art and craft of smoking meats well. But wait, first steps first.  If you've never smoked meats, here is a great "How To" link to help get you started. 

Another great for me to learn the technical skills about the art of meat smoking has been to cook with a mentor, someone who's been through the meat smoking course of trial-and-error and come out the other side with some working wisdom that they are willing to share with you. 

Tips like this on char-broil smoking are invaluable and I recommend you find someone who's done the smoking tournaments and knows what they're doing once the first sign of smoke begins to slowly wind from the top of their smokestack. Hang around their smoker and learn.

In the meantime, here are links to answers where you can find direction that will help you get started.




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Video: Step by Step Prep of Memphis Smoked Ribs

Footnote: Some people shy away from smoked or bbq meats in general, let alone smoke their own for fear of health risks. Nitrite is often said to he harmful and it is not possible to smoke or preserve meats without some nitrite. Now, however, "Based on available evidence to date, nitrite as used in meat and meat products is considered safe because known benefits outweigh potential risks." Read the report yourself.

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